Advantages of investing in Kryvyi Rih

Kryvyi Rih is a city of metallurgists and miners, talented and hard-working people, united in a strong community with effective governance; it is a "Steel heart" of Ukraine, a modern industrial megalopolis of global importance; cultural, scientific, educational and sports center of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

We are a region open for the worldwide cooperation, willing to facilitate investment projects with partners from all over the world.

Kryvyi Rih is an effective platform for investments.

Today Kryvyi Rih is one of the leaders in economic development of the region, it is a city with high potential.

Credit rating

Credit rating of the city: B

Outlook: Stable

The credit rating of Kryvyi Rih has been confirmed by leading international rating agency Fitch Ratings.

Favorable economic and geographical position

Kryvyi Rih is the longest city in Europe.

Its length from the north to the south is 126 km.

Kryvyi Rih is ranked 6th for its size (431.4 among the Ukrainian cities and situated in the central part of the country in the Dnipropetrovska Oblast.

Dnipropetrovska Oblast borders on: Zaporiz'ka, Khersons'ka, Mykolayivs'ka, Kirovohrads'ka Oblasts.

Within the radius of 300 km there are about 9 million people (20% of the population of Ukraine) and more than 200 thousand enterprises.

Natural resources potential

One of the main wealth of the city is its natural resources.

Kryvyi Rih basin has more than 50 kinds of natural resources.

More than a third of Ukrainian balance reserves of iron-ore, brown coal, marble and dolomites are concentrated in the city.

High economic potential

The city takes the 1st place in the region by the volumes of sold industrial production.

The share of sales of the citys industrial enterprises in the overall sales volume of Dnipropetrovsk region is 42%.

It holds about 90 large industrial enterprises in various branches: iron and steel, machinery, building materials, chemical, food, light industry and so on.

High human resources potential

The city is ranked 7th in Ukraine for its population of 607.08K people.

A wide ranged system of secondary and high educational establishments provides training of highly-qualified specialists.

Among them — Kryvyi Rih National University, the fifth largest university in Dnipropetrovsk region.

It is a city of scientific discoveries, high technologies and highly-skilled professionals.

Well-developed infrastructure

The city comprises a high-capacity transport infrastructure.

It includes rail, road and air transport and enables connectivity of Kryvyi Rih with many regions of Ukraine, CIS countries and countries all over the world.

The International airport Kryvyi Rih is able to accept passenger and freight airplanes of all-types.

The volume of attracted investments

The success of the city is proved by a map of overseas trade operations with more than 104 countries.

As of today the volume of direct investments, which have come from 23 countries all over the world, is 1.9 billion USD. The main countries-investors: Germany, Cyprus, Netherlands, Great Britain and others.

High level of institutional development

Some of the best conditions for supporting of domestic and foreign investors as well as for efficient implementation of digital communication system between business and government have been created in the city.

It is truly proved by successfully functioning institutions and web-resources:

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