Infrastructure of the city

The city has a well-developed transport, financial and social infrastructure

1. Transport infrastructure


The length of the roads (approximately): 2,788 km    
Number of bus stations: 4 units
Number of operators at the market: 1 units    


Number of airports: 1 units  
Number of operators at the market: 1  units additional information: PU "Kryvyi Rih International Airport" of Kryvyi Rih City Council
Airport capacity (take-off - landing): 9
operations per hour
Length of runway: 2,500  m  


Extension: 120  km.    
Number of stations: 3 units
Number of operators at the market: 1 units    

2. Financial infrastructure

Number of banks: 42 units
Number of insurance companies: 21 units

3. 3. Social infrastructure


Preschool institutions: 163 units
Out-of-school institutions: 41units
General educational establishments 146 units
Vocational schools: 15 units
Higher education institutions: 29 units

Health protection

Medical and preventive treatment institutions of communal property: 53 units
Health care private enterprises: 241 units
Chemist`s: 290 units
Pharmaceutical stores: 2 units
Pharm booths 53 units

Culture and art

Establishments of culture and art: 26 units
Artistic educational establishments 19 units
Libraries 50 units
Recreational 461 units
Of tourism and travel 66 units


Sports grounds 318 units
Sport Centers 69 units

Housing Fund

Apartment houses, condominiums where there is no established at the 01.01. 2019 year
Number of buildings 4,619 units    
Total floor space 9,699.21 thousand square meters    
Number of apartments 194,385 units    

Social protection and social security

Institutions of Social Protection 29 units
Institutions of Child Social Protection Services 4 units

4. Infrastructure of the entities supporting business

Combining business support infrastructure49 units    

Virtual Business Incubator has been created to improve the efficiency of communication between business and the city authorities