Children park "Dytiachyi"

Information about the holiday destination

Name of the object: Park for children
Oblast: Dnipropetrovska
City: Kryvyi Rih
Administrative district of the city: Pokrovskyi
Circumjacent streets: Nohin Str.
Pattern of ownership: ommunal
Property holder: Department of Infrastructure Development of the City Council Executive Committee
The distance from the object to the nearest 5 settlements district and regional subordination Dnipro 140 km
Shyroke 47 km
Zhovti Vody 48 km
Nikopol 120 km
Sofiivka 41 km
Total area of the object (ha, square meter): 4 G
Is the land plot , where the entity is located, alloted?: No
Total area of the land plot where the object is located (ha): 4 ha
Neighborhoods of the land plot. Description (note if there are some residential houses, industrial enterprises or other objects of the city infrastructure): Surrounded by an enterprise from one side, by the pond from the other side, by the road from the third side
Availability of buildings, constructions, temporal or others ones on the objects territory. If there are some, provide their description.: Park for children, fountain
What are the most widespread wind directions in the objects locality?: North, north-east
Is there an analysis of the local air?: Yes
Are there on the objects adjacent territory:
Are there any unutilized wastes?: No
Is the object located in the flooding zone?: No
Are there any environmental restrictions?: Article 16 of The Law of Ukraine "On Settlement Improvement"; Article 52 of The Land Code of Ukraine; Article 5 of The Law of Ukraine "On Flora"

Contact Information

Name: Children park "Dytiachyi"
Officer-in-Charge: Ivan Oleksandrovych Karyi
Position of the Officer-in-Charge:
Telephone: (056) 492-19-10

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