Mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov's project for the development of the 4th Zarichnyi has already united more than 500 residents of the neighbourhood, urban planners and European expert

Pub Date:February 23, 2021

More than 500 residents of the 4th Zarichny have already taken part in the discussion of the complex improvement project of the mayor Konstantin Pavlov. At the first stage, sociologists have already conducted about 200 express interviews on the mayor's instructions. Currently, the second stage of the research of the residents' opinions is underway - joint workshops of the European expert Krzysztof tka with the residents on identifying problematic issues, collecting and systematizing proposals for the development of the 4th Zarichnyi. In general, public opinion will be consistently surveyed throughout 2021.

The complex improvement of the 4th Zarichny is the first urban project in Ukraine to plan urban space. Kryvyi Rih residents themselves express their opinion on what and how to do in their district.
Currently, in the framework of workshops, residents are designing a project for the development of the 4th Zarichny, together with specialists of the city authorities and an expert from Poland,Krzysztof tka. Earlier, the research programme was assessed by the South Ukrainian branch of the Sociological Association of Ukraine (SAU).
For five days in a row, residents of certain houses of the 4th Zarichnyi gather at the 33rd school. Usually, a separate workshop lasts from two and a half to three hours. Problem issues are discussed most emotionally.
On Friday, February 19, Mayor Konstiantyn Pavlov took part in a workshop. Answering the questions of Zarichnyi residents, he said in particular: Your ideas are very important. But the most important thing is your desire to be active yourself, to take part in transformations." The mayor also noted that the complex improvement project is designed for the long term and has several stages. Planning, designing and determining the sources of funding, going through the procedures for determining the contractors take some time. Konstantin Pavlov also emphasized that within the framework of the pilot project "4th Zarichny", a new standard of interaction between the government and the community on the creation of public space is being formed. This standard will later be applied throughout the city.