Investments in development: In cooperation with the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund in Kryvyi Rih new projects for the modernization of educational and medical institutions will be implemented

Pub Date:February 12, 2021

The mayor of Kryvyi Rih, Kostiantyn Pavlov, signed a framework agreement with the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund on the reconstruction of a 255 kindergarten in the Ingulets housing estate. Also, two outpatient clinics will be overhauled: 6 in Dovhyntsivskyi district at 2 Mukhina Street and 1 in the Ingulets housing estate at 2 Katkova Street.

When implementing projects, the Foundation pays special attention to modern technologies of energy saving and energy efficiency. "In your city, people are very open and enterprising, who seek positive change in their hometown. I am impressed by the cooperation between the public and representatives of local governments because it is very rare. In Kryvyi Rih, a constructive dialogue has been established between the authorities and the community to address actual issues related to the development of urban infrastructure, " Tetiana Skliarenko, a community development consultant for the Eastern Regional Office of the UFSI, said.
Thanks to our joint systematic work, Kryvyi Rih has become a reliable partner in working with both domestic and international investors. Reliability in working with the city authorities is recognized by many organizations, as proved by our joint projects with the European Investment Bank, EBRD, GIZ. For me, to make the city more comfortable and convenient for Kryvyi Rih residents is the main of this project. And of course, projects like this are very important because our little and young Kryvyi Rih people will grow and educate in the most comfortable conditions. We will do everything to ensure that the project is implemented as efficiently as possible,"Mayor Konstiantyn Pavlov said.
For the third year in a row, Kryvyi Rih has been cooperating with the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund. With the support of the German government, the fund implements projects aimed at the development of social infrastructure and support for internally displaced persons in Ukraine. At the moment, repair works proceed in the dormitory at 25 Katkova Street.