We are negotiating with the well-known Swiss company Stadler on the construction of a new machine-building plant in Kryvyi Rih.

Pub Date:October 7, 2021

For the residents and the city of Kryvyi Rih, the new plant from two large complexes means new jobs, additional financial revenues to the city budget. It can be used for repairs of roads, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and other projects for the development of urban infrastructure.

The delegation of Stadler representatives paid a working visit to Kryvyi Rih. They are a major Swiss manufacturer of passenger electric and diesel trains. The company plans to build a new machine-building plant in Ukraine and is currently carefully selecting the optimal site for new construction. Thanks to previous negotiations, Kryvyi Rih, having strong industrial potential, convenient logistics and the availability of relevant professional specialities, is among the main contenders.
Prospects for cooperation with the Swiss company and new prospects for the development of Kryvyi Rih were discussed by the city administration, CEO of Stadler CIS AG Alexander Luft, managers and specialists of the Swiss company. They also held an on-site meeting and inspected the land plot for the construction of a plant in the Pokrovskyi district.
Stadler's management noted the high level of preparation of the Kryvyi Rih presentation and professional approach. "It is a great honour for us to visit you in the city. Our company has a great interest in the Ukrainian market. We actively study it and present our products. We understand that Ukraine has a huge potential and is ready to bring modern technologies and cooperate in various areas. Thank you very much for the quality preparation of all documents and materials, Alexander Luft, CEO of Stadler CIS AG, said.
Kryvyi Rih has a comprehensive City Development Strategy, which clearly and consistently formulates key strategic directions for the city. And one of the key tasks is the development of high-tech engineering. For us, a project with a large international concern is extremely important not only in the context of attracting financial investment. First of all, it is an investment in professional staff, the creation of new jobs. After all, we aim to make local specialists stay in their hometown and have career prospects here. And the construction of a new plant is a real opportunity to do it, " Oleksandr Vilkul, Chairman of the Public Council under the Executive Committee of the City Council, said.

In Kryvyi Rih, the company plans to locate a machine-building plant for the production of electric traction and passenger equipment for railway transportation. The plant will consist of two complexes. The first will be for the production of components, and the second will be for the assembly of final products, including modern trains and cars.

"The city provides a free area of 48 hectares. In addition, we fully assume the supply of all communications: electricity, gas, water, drainage. The area has a fairly comfortable location with convenient transport links. In particular, there is passenger transport and employees will have no problem getting to work. Also, there is a railway station nearby, an exit to the central highways in the direction of the Dnipro and Kyiv, and an international airport is not so far. We have also studied our labour market considering the needs of the investor, and we can responsibly say that graduates of Kryvyi Rih technical schools and universities fully meet the professional level and professional requirements of the company. Therefore, the issue of workers will be resolved by 100%, " Oleksandr Vilkul said.
For reference: The Development Strategy of Kryvyi Rih was presented by the Chairman of the City Council Oleksandr Vilkul during the round table "Transformation of Single-Industry Cities and Industrial Territories" with the participation of Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany Tanja Beyer, Secretary-General of the Assembly of European Regions Christian Spar Sparta, deputy of the European Parliament Lucas Mandl, Director of the Hans Seidel Foundation in Kyiv Benjamin Bobby, Vice President of the Construction Support Foundation Toralf Weise, and experts and specialists on infrastructure projects. Now, products of the mining and metallurgical complex form 60% of the income of the city and residents. And other goods and services form only 40%. The task of the Strategy is to change this ratio in favour of other industries. MMC (Mining and Metallurgical Complex) is growing by an average of 1.5% per year. It is necessary to ensure a parallel increase in other areas by more than 5% per year. Then, by 2030, 60% of the budget will be provided by other industriesand 40% by MMC. At the same time, the total gross product of the city will increase by half,andthere will be a growth of jobs respectively.
Benjamin Bobby, Project Manager of the Hans Seidel Foundation in Ukraine, praised the Development Strategy of Kryvyi Rih presented by Oleksandr Vilkul, We are convinced that good governance begins at the local level. We support this project with its modern approaches because it is a modernization and changes that people can feel."