Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Donetsk (Dnipro office) Tanja Beyer is on a two-day working visit to Kryvyi Rih.

Pub Date:September 22, 2021

Kryvyi Rih and Germany are working together to develop the city and support residents. Yurii Vilkul met with the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Donetsk.

During the conversation, Yuriy Vilkul stressed that Kryvyi Rih effectively cooperates with the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Corporation for International Cooperation(GIZ) and the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund. Their work includes projects in medicine, education, support and social adaptation of internally displaced persons."The results of our joint work can be seen, and they are for the residents. They include a modular town for migrants and sports, and play complex for children with disabilities, and renovated schools 20, 1, 58, 76, 115. Thanks to cooperation with GIZ, ten sensory rooms for schools were purchased. It is in our city, with the support of the German Foundation, where the first Ukrainian Crisis Center for women victims of domestic violence was opened. We also have a large set of measures implemented in the field of health care. We appreciate our partners who are open to work because our goal is to improve the quality of life of citizens, and for this, we attract both city funds and international investments, " Yurii Vilkul said.
Tanja Beyer noted that Kryvyi Rih is an important city for the Consulate General both in the context of implementing joint social projects and in the industrial field.
"This is my first time in Kryvyi Rih, and I want to get acquainted with the city, with our joint projects. Your city has a strong and efficient team. I have heard this many times from my colleagues, as well as in other cities, and I am very interested in Kryvyi Rih. I am very grateful for the warm meeting, and I am convinced that this is not my last visit to Kryvyi Rih, " Tanja Bayer, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Donetsk (Dnipro office).
Representatives of the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund and the non-governmental organization "Aegis-Center" present at the meeting focused on constructive cooperation and open dialogue in Kryvyi Rih between the government, the community and business. "It's very important for us. Here we see the desire to work and change people's lives for the better. USIF has been cooperating with Kryvyi Rih since 2017. We work in 5 regions, such as Kryvyi Rih, the most active city in terms of the number of submitted proposals and projects implemented here, Tetiana Skliarenko, Community Capacity Development Consultant of the Eastern Regional Office of the UFSI.
During the visit, they also discussed the establishment of twinning relations with the German city, which is similar in economic structure to Kryvyi Rih. Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Oberhausen, Bochum, Botropp are among them. All these cities belong to the Ruhr region, a former industrial agglomeration in North Rhine-Westphalia. Ms Bayer noted that she would support Kryvyi Rih in this direction.