Attention entrepreneurs! The European Business Association is creating a platform for donating used office furniture and appliances

Pub Date:August 3, 2021

Please be informed of the opportunity to join the EBA Second Chance Bank initiative. On this online platform, companies will be able to place used items (lots), which can be given a second chance (office furniture, appliances, computers, office, etc.). Accordingly, other users of the platform will be able to accept these things for their needs under certain conditions. This initiative is a contribution to the preservation of the planet by promoting a part of the modern concept of consumption and production waste management.

Participation in the project is free.

To participate, fill out the questionnaire in Ukrainian at

After considering the application and deciding on the applicants participation in the project, the EBA will create an organization / company profile in the section "EBA Second Chance Bank", using the information provided in the questionnaire.