The city takes another step to support the families of internally displaced persons Kryvyi Rih has become a pilot community for cooperation with the Council of Europe project

Pub Date:July 15, 2021

The model of social support for internally displaced persons developed in Kryvyi Rih is one of the best in Ukraine, and the city's integration and adaptation program for IDPs is recommended by the Ministry of Social Policy as a platform for nationwide work in this field.

Representatives of the Council of Europe Office visited Kryvyi Rih to agree upon a further joint action plan. During the working meeting the Mayor and the leaders and coordinators of the Council of Europe projectsdiscussed further cooperation in the field of "Integration of internally displaced persons and protection of the rights of the population affected by the armed conflict."

The discussion also involved relevant departments and offices of the city Executive Committee, members of the public organization "Egida-Center", which are national experts of the project, and the IDP Coordinating Council.

In May, the city applied for participation of the Kryvyi Rih community in the Council of Europe pilot project on internal relocation called "Phase 2", and at the same time met the leadership of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine and the Project. Kryvyi Rih is already working on the Project as a pilot community.

For the city, it is crucial to implement international and European standards for the protection of the internally displaced persons rights. During the working meeting, all areas of cooperation were discussed, including digitalization of social services,psychological support for victims of armed conflict, legal assistance, and the provision of administrative services, which are now strategic in protecting the rights of internally displaced persons.

"I would like to thank the entire team of the Council of Europe Office for their support and choosing our city for cooperation. Kryvyi Rih has repeatedly shared its experience of successful integration practices. The city has a unique Social Protection Program, which covers various categories of Kryvyi Rih residents: war veterans, Chernobyl veterans, internationalist soldiers, people with disabilities and so on. And all these payments, benefits and services are available to internally displaced citizens. Cooperation with the Office of the Council of Europe means working with high-quality specialists and an opportunity to gain international experience. For the community of Kryvyi Rih, it is the development of sustainable solutions for internal displacement. And we appreciate such cooperation, said Kostyantyn Pavlov.

Kryvyi Rih already has a positive experience of cooperation with the projects of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine. Seminars and trainingswere held in our city, attended by teachers and studentsof the Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and members of the public.Participation in such projects provided an opportunity to learn more about international and European standards.

The Project Manager Anna Hrystova emphasized: Kryvyi Rih is a hospitable city. When people from the eastern regions of Ukraine were affected, from the very first days the city of Kryvyi Rih provided all possible assistance to migrants, and this work continues today. As part of our cooperation, the Project aims to support local authorities in developing long-term solutions for internally displaced persons and victims of the conflict, in particular through expertise, technical assistance and joint implementation of best practices."

The Project specialists praised the work of the city authorities in providing social support to residents and internally displaced citizens. Kryvyi Rih is the only city in Dnipropetrovsk region that has included a clause on migrants in its social protection program. It includes compensation for treatment, accommodation in a modular campus, rehabilitation of children. Kryvyi Rih is also the only city in Ukraine that, for the second year in a row, provides children which are victims of hostilities with an annual cash payment of UAH 5000.

The project of the Council of Europe is scheduled to lastuntil December 2022.

Forreference:The Council of Europe project "Internal Displacement in Ukraine: Developing Sustainable Solutions" aims empower internally displaced persons to actively influence the improvement of human rights protection systems. The involvement, participation and contribution of women in the overall activities of the Project will also be ensured. This approach reflects the fact that 59.6% of IDPs in Ukraine are women, and emphasizes the need to take into account gender-sensitive approaches in this area.