International summer school of urban planning in Kryvyi Rih

Pub Date:July 8, 2021

Benjamin Bobby, director of the Hans Seidel Foundation, noted: I am grateful to Kryvyi Rih for the warm welcome. Our foundation operates in Germany and 65 countries around the world. We work closely with the German parliament, which funds our projects. We believe that such projects are important to facilitate change, because changes start at the local level - people need to see how their problems get solved. These issues need to be considered together with the residents. The projects implemented in Kryvyi Rih are the most successful in Ukraine, they serve as an example for other cities. An example of how to work for sustainable development and provide quality services to residents, create conditions for dialogue with active citizens and develop cooperation at the inter-municipal level."

Speaking at the opening of the School, Deputy Mayor of Kryvyi Rih Serhii Miliutin said: Our common goal is to increase the comfort of life in Kryvyi Rih and other cities. To do this, we bring together European and Ukrainian experts, scientists, local governments, residents. At the same time, dont just solve current problems, but also look into the future. Therefore, we involve students of relevant specialties in this activities. I thank our German colleagues for the high appreciation of our work - Kryvyi Rih is ready to share its experience with other municipalities."

Mr. Milutin noted that the School of urban planning is part of a project to transform Kryvyi Rih as a single-industry city. "The experience of interaction "power - society" that we have gained is already being widely implemented. For example, the first project of its kind in Ukraine was launched in Kryvyi Rih, which involves planning a comprehensive improvement of the 4th Zarichnyi microdistrict based on the wishes of the local residents themselves and under the guidance of the best experts", said the Deputy Mayor.

He noted that this approach changes the attitude of people to their neighborhood: residents are actively involved in the process of improvement.

Alirza Mamedov, a representative of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, said: Ukraine has declared its accession to European structures, we are taking our small steps in this direction. We believe that this idea of the School will give impetus to the integration of education into the European experience. I want to thank the city authorities of Kryvyi Rih for the quality organization of the School of urban planning."

Toralf Weise, the Vice President of SFB Stiftung zur Frderung des Bauwesens (Construction Industry Support Fund), shared his impressions of the classes during the autumn school, as well as plans for future work: I am grateful to the city authorities of Kryvyi Rih and the Seidel Foundation for providing excellent conditions for the activities. This workshop is one of the best I have ever held. Our team will continue the work done by the previous School. After conducting the analysis, together with representatives of the city and fellow urban planners, we will collectively develop suggestions in regards to how the city should discuss the direction we are moving in, not just in terms of individual steels or microdistricts. With the right plans and development concepts, we will create solutions that will lead to the right result. "

Yaroslav Shramko, the rector of Kryvyi Rih State University, said: Such Schools of urban planning are very important for the development of Ukrainian cities and our city. Our university has an art and graphic department; we train purposeful students who can join in the design and improvement of the urban environment. Our mission is to work in partnership with the city authorities to increase the comfort of our city."

For reference: within the program of the Mayor Kostyantyn Pavlov experts from Europe together with the residents of the 4th Zarichnyi microdistrict and experts from the municipality created the complex plan of the residential district improvement.