EBRD consultants work in Kryvyi Rih to prepare a decision on financing for the construction of the municipal solid waste

Pub Date:June 10, 2021

Waste management will not happen through waste incineration but with the help of modern recycling technologies. The modern plant will sort household waste, and after it, the valuable components will be recycled for further use in various industries.

Underthe instructions of the mayor Konstantin Pavlov, the city involves European experience and experts to reach the modern level of waste recycling. Consultants from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are already working with the city to prepare a bank decision to provide the city with the financing. This work continues in preparation for the design and construction of an environmentally friendly complex for the processing of solid waste (MSW). The complex will allow safely for the environment to process the solid waste of the city.
Landfills for solid waste not only occupy huge areas but also harm the environment. Thus, the residents of Kryvyi Rih annually generate about 300 thousand tons of household waste. Burial takes place in several landfills.
To date, recycling with subsequent secondary use of the obtained resource-intensive components of household waste is considered to be the most environmentally friendly method of household waste management. It is the path of Kryvyi Rih.
It is planned to build a solid waste processing complex in an isolated industrial zone, where there are no residential buildings, near one of the industrial enterprises in the Metallurgical District.
Oleksandr Ihnatenko, Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Consultant for preparation for the EBRD feasibility study of the project for household waste management in Kryvyi Rih, said, "We will study and assess the morphology of waste. We will also hold a series of meetings with the project implementation team, structural units of the executive committee of the city council, utilities and private companies working in this field in the city to collect data for analysis by our Austrian colleagues who have a significant positive experience in this field and work with the EBRD. Based on the results of the analysis, the EBRD will form recommendations on the loan application to be submitted by the city for the project of construction of a solid waste processing complex."
Project Manager Hryhoriy Verbytskyi noted, Mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov set a task to provide consultants with complete information on all necessary issues. Our task is to do everything possible for the city to obtain the positive decision of the EBRD on the construction of an environmentally friendly complex for the processing of solid waste as soon as possible. "
It is worth noting that modern technology allows us to recycle household waste, avoiding additional emissions. The end product of reprocessing can be a special RDF fuel (Refuse Derived Fuel). It is quite capable of replacing traditional fuel for industrial enterprises. The product of processing will also be the so-called technological compost material. It is perfect for the reclamation of Kryvyi Rih dumps. This modern practice has been successfully tested, andWestern Europe is currently using it.
The solid waste recycling complex should be built in a few years from the moment when the funds are received. It will improve the city's environment and create at least 150 new jobs.