"Kryvyi Rih sets an example for other cities concerning the development of industrial tourism, " the head of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine said.

Pub Date:May 18, 2021

Kryvyi Rih is the undisputed leader in Ukraine in promoting the idea of industrial tourism.

The results of the International Tourism Exhibition UITT "Ukraine - Travel and Tourism" confirmed it. Ivan Liptuga, Head of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine (NTOU), said, It is important for us that industrial tourism is not only a slogan and marketing communication, but also that it is a real product. Kryvyi Rih provides a model for all industrial cities of Ukraine concerning how to treat the organization of industrial and urban tourism in the context of industrial culture.
On 11-13 May 2021, the 26th International Tourist Exhibition UITT "Ukraine - Travel and Tourism" took place in Kyiv, where Kryvyi Rih presented the tourist opportunities of the industrial city for the sixth time.
In 2020-2021, due to quarantine restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism sector was significantly affected, but despite all the bans, the tourism industry began adapting to the new realities.
The UITT21 exhibition is the first significant tourism event in Ukraine after a long time, which has become a safe venue for meeting representatives of the tourism industry and the involved people. This year, more than 90 participants took part in the exhibition.
Among the variety of exhibition locations, Kryvyi Rih was one of the most unique and brightest. Unusual industrial elements of the exhibition decor in the form of a headframe and a model of a 130-ton BelAZ dump truck attracted the attention of many visitors to the exhibition. Many visitors were happy to be photographed in painted industrial helmets decorated with special shoes. The guests "descended to the mine", using a virtual reality headset showing VR360 video, and they saw a variety of Kryvyi Rih stones and received promotional products about our city.
The exhibition included several seminars, panel discussions and conferences on various topics. The experience of Kryvyi Rih in the direction of urban tourism development was presented at the conference "2021 yearOF CITY TOURISM in Ukraine".
According to experts in the field of tourism, this area is developing dynamically in Kryvyi Rih: full-fledged tourist products are being created, which include unusual tourist objects and various excursion routes (industrial, extreme, natural, etc.); new transport connections are being opened between the cities of Ukraine, in particular by rail and air. It, in turn, will further improve the development of this field.